Meet Mike Larsen

Mike Larsen is uniquely qualified to serve us in Congress. He’s run a business, been a rank and file member of four unions, collaborated with some of the biggest players in American government and entertainment, and served as a senior advisor to progressive Democratic Congresswoman Jackie Speier.


While in college, Mike interned for Supervisor Harvey Milk, America’s first openly-gay elected official, and Congressman Tom Lantos, the first holocaust survivor to serve in Congress. He followed that by working for progressive Democrats Tom Harkin, Jerry Brown, Anna Eshoo, Tom Bradley, Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, and served as Communications Director and senior adviser to Congresswoman Jackie Speier.


As an Emmy-nominated writer and producer, Mike wrote some of the most iconic shows in television history, including The Drew Carey Show, Ellen, Reba, Real Time with Bill Maher, 2 Guys & a Girl, and many others.


The middle child of a large, blue-collar Catholic family, Mike knew from an early age that anything he wanted to accomplish he had to earn himself. He joined his first union at 14 - the Teamsters - when he got a job as a peanut vendor at a Major League Baseball stadium, and has been a proud member of three other unions, including his current union - The Writers Guild of America.


Mike says the nuns at St. Roberts Elementary School taught him there is no “neutral” in life. We either do good or evil; make the world better or worse; lift people up or tear them down.


These principles led Mike to work with victims of Military Sexual Assault to help them tell their stories in congressional testimony. He is also a mentor to incarcerated writers in state prison and works tirelessly for justice reform and educational opportunities behind prison walls.


With Congresswoman Speier, Mike worked on banking reform, healthcare, fighting the climate crisis, strengthening worker’s rights, expanding broadband to rural America, and getting battlefield weapons off our streets. Recognizing his leadership, Speaker Pelosi asked Mike and a colleague to train other Democratic offices on the Job Hunters Boot Camp, a program they created at the depths of the recession to help jobless constituents learn new career skills.


Mike knows how Congress works, and knows what happens when it doesn’t. He rejects the toxic partisanship of politicians like Jim Jordan, who pay more attention to the nearest cable news camera than constituents. Mike will never stop working for us and will be a voice in Washington that Central Ohio can be proud of.

Mike Larsen is uniquely qualified to serve us in Congress.

He’s run a business, been a rank-and-file member of four unions, was a senior staffer in a congressional office, collaborated with some of the biggest names in American government and entertainment, and has strong relationships with voters and leaders in all 14 counties of

Ohio’s 4th Congressional District.

   Ohio has had enough of politicians who only talk. We deserve a congressperson who listens, and works as hard for Ohioans as we do for our families.

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